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Online recruiting has grown exponentially to become one of the most widely utilised of all the Online functions. There are literally thousands of Jobsites, Job Boards and Career Portals all purporting to enhance the recruitment process.

With few sites living up to their promise of reducing cost per hire, speed of delivery and streamlining the overall recruitment process, many clients and HR Professionals remain doubtful as to its effectiveness. A common assumption is that the Internet cannot deliver the kind of quality candidates so crucial in these times of skills shortage and burgeoning competition.

However,with the right understanding of each site, career portal and job board an extremely effective and proactive campaign can be created allowing for a fast, efficient and cost effective way of recruiting candidates.

Although Online recruiting will never fully replace traditional Search methodologies, it can successfully supplement the process. The real benefit comes with advertised selection. Online spend can save huge amounts of time and money over traditional print media; allowing for proactive candidate searches as well as taking “reactive” ad response.

The key to actually realising these benefits is knowing which Portals work for which roles and how they need to be managed on a daily basis. Selecting the appropriate site or sites is just the start – deciding on format, how often to renew, keyword selection and overall management are all essential aspects of ensuring you target the appropriate candidates.

Pharma-Search Online Solutions provides clients with a full portfolio of online capabilities; from site selection and job posting through to cyber headhunting. We are continually trialling and testing the top sites and any new sites to gain an understanding of each one’s specific service offering, unique benefits and cost effectiveness.

If you are unaware of the different propositions offered by Pharmiweb, InPharm, PharmaID and Pharmajobs let alone the more generalist sites such as Jobserve, Gojobsite, Planet Recruit, Monster, Jobpilot, Top Jobs on the Net, Totaljobs, Workthing, Jobtrack, you will struggle to reap the full benefits of an Online campaign.

Pharma-Search offers a fully managed service for our clients which covers Online advertising, CV Search, microsite creation, targeted e-mails and even access to the “passive” job seekers market. Pharma-Search can recommend and manage a total Online campaign, a one off assignment or a mixture of Online/Offline.

With European and global coverage from specific job sites this also allows for targeted and focused international campaigns.